I have a clean kitchen (counter)

If you haven't realized, I've been doing a lot of nesting. I don't really know why this has become important to me all of the sudden—but I'm going with it.
Disclaimer: It is NOT due to pregnancy…I'll just squash that right off.

But, perhaps it's the tease of spring. We've had a couple of really nice sunny days, and now I am jonesin' for spring.

I've also been reading a lot of Clean MamaSimply Organized and A Bowl Full of Lemons among other things. But Jen over at i(Heart) Organization has been my biggest inspiration. She is doing her Monthly Clean Home Challenge. Which I started doing, but I haven't really left the kitchen.

I'm OK with that. It's kind of a room that I want to spend some time and energy on. I feel like this room <> need it to be better organized because:
1) it's a dumping ground at our house;
2) it's going to be years before I get to really redesign it.
That's too big a project and our house already has too long a list. Things like—making all the bathrooms functional (we have 3 showers/baths) and until recently, we only used 1 of them.
So, kitchen will stay untouched by redesign for a while. But that doesn't mean I can't make the best of it. And it's not bad, just not all I want it to be.

A couple weeks ago, I tackled my pantry. It has stayed pretty organized, even after a trip to Trader Joe's.

Last week I cleaned off our counter. If you wanna see what it looked like before, check it out here.

And this is what it looks like now.

Talk about a 360.

My plan was to keep it this way for a week before I would allow myself to post about it.

Wednesday was a week. And it's still clean!

I'm elated.

The succulents will not live on my counter. They are earmarked for a project that I plan to complete this weekend.

The box is an antibiotic E and the fact that it has been living on the CLEAN counter has helped us remember to give it to her every morning.

When I was cleaning I also found some awesome things.

Most notably: The Kiss me coin that hubby and I used to trade back and forth and a William Sonoma gift card.

The token: Something DH and I got at a little shop in Nashville, IN while we were dating and has been a good tension breaker for us. You know…when you have one of those crazy fights and you just need to break the tension for a minute to regroup.
It's been sorely missed.

The gift card: I think my SIL gave it to me for Christmas a couple years ago. I never got to William-Sonoma but I think I will have to plan a little trip.
Suggestions on what to get?

And a new favorite thing. Kinda found while cleaning, but not really. It's just the first time I REALLY used it.

what-EVER! by Better Life
It's a natural cleaner I purchased forever ago and although I also recently made some all-purpose cleaner. I might finish out what I have of the home-made and get more of this.
More expensive, but…I do really like it.
Do you have a favorite green cleaning product?

Let me know…this is kinda a new area for me and I'm liking it as well.

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