Summer update

We went and saw Despicable Me 3.

It has been a busy week and a half.

We survived camps.
The Tiger went to girl scout camp—which she LOVED!
We are very lucky to have such an active Girl Scout association in Indiana. There are no less then 8 different state-wide camp locations for girl scouts to attend.
And the Dragon went to half day camp at a local community center—she was not as thrilled with her experience.

We also got through our next adventure—4 days with Glammy and Pap. Which means 4-days of freedom for mom (and dad), except I worked a lot during that time.
What to do?

But I did get to focus on sleep, setting up/cleaning my office, and updating/cleaning out my Etsy shop (which is having it's first sale).

What would you do if you didn't have your kids for 4-days?

And we have just survived Independence Day which was called "The worst day ever!" by the Tiger because she didn't get to stay up late and watch fireworks. Which we did on the 3rd of July. But earlier in the day was called the best day ever because we got to see a long-lost friend.
Can't win for losing can I?

What's next?

Your guess is as good as mine.


A long week and a vinyl haul

My vinyl haul from ExpressionsVinyl.com has been my joy this week.
Honestly, this has been a long week.

Filled with anxiety.

The Tiger's last days of Kindergarten was Wednesday and there was a lot happening around that.
The Boar started a new job and all he wants to do is talk about it at the most inconvenient time.
And the Dragon has been very needy.
And I got some blood test results back.

And nothing I seemed to do this week worked out.

I tried making Milk-Can Supper via Cook's Country.
I love and trust Cook's Country. After seeing that episode a couple months ago, I  knew I wanted to try it. And then I saw the recipe on Pinterest and though that maybe I could adapt it a bit and make it in the InstantPot.

Which would be a nice challenge for someone who has had an InstantPot for ONE WEEK!
But why not?
It's just about adjusting the time and then everything else is pretty much the same, right?

Yes, that is how I rationalized it. I looked up how long to cook potatoes in the pot and called it good!  And it would have worked, everything was cooked properly…however, the flavors just were not there. I was going to document the whole thing and then tell you all about it. However, it's not even worth mentioning beyond these two paragraphs.

And that meal just turned into more fuel for my anxiety flame.

Which is why, instead of starting my friends order for 21 t-shirt Heat Vinyl Transfer's, I shot a video instead. I think I just couldn't take it if one more thing went wrong this week.

But since the video turned out pretty well—except for the lack of solid focus for the first half and the lack of me properly staging my shooting area, and my editing skills in iMovie.

So here's my video «below also», my one thing that «sorta» turned out the way it was supposed to.

I'll try again for something better—this weekend.

My Silhouette Cameo—which is actually such a good deal right now I'm almost considering purchasing a new one. But I will not, because my husband would kill me. Besides, I also have a Silhouette Portrait, how many cutting machines does one person need?
I mean, I don't really need both machines, but…what can I say.
I like gadgets.
And crafting.


Introducing: MY INSTANT POT…Mabel is her name

Last week, after months of watching video, reading recipes and lots of thought…I took the plunge and purchased an InstantPot!

And then, I spent the rest of the week watching MORE videos (check-out my YouTube Watchlist) and trying to decide if I made the right decision. And even more time trying to figure out what recipes I would start with.

Now we begin.
My first recipe was Hamburger Stroganoff and I decided on it because:
#1 I had the ingredients
#2 It seemed pretty easy-like I probably couldn’t f-it up.
#3 and most importantly…identified with the story Julie shared in her post.

I left my full-time job 3 years ago to be a part-time freelancer and I miss full-time work. And over the last year things completely changed.
My husband's job moved all their engineers 3 states away and he (along with all the other engineers in his office—decided not to take the move offered to them, therefore he was out of work for 6 months looking for a new job), resulting in taking my youngest daughter out of full-time daycare and turning me into a SAHM, resulting in me not able to take quite as many freelance jobs and both of which mess with my sanity.

I keep asking God for direction as to what to do next. For my purpose.
I feel that being a part-time freelancer and a full-time SAHM for my youngest daughter has not be the best situation for either of us and I'm not very good at either of them, because I feel like my life is missing something.

I just have no idea what that something is, although if I could make a living crafting all day…I'd do it. And I am praying that this summer, I will get the chance to do it.
Maybe rebooting my blog time-my me time is that I need.

Let's talk recipe-nitty gritty

#1 up there: turned out not to be as true as I thought. Luckily I have wonderful neighbors and one of them let me go raid her garden for an onion.

Which was a adventure all of it’s own. I couldn't find a bulb onion.…resulting in me pulling a couple carrots and then finding these scallions on steroids. After shoving what I pulled back into the ground, she came over and helped me. Letting me know that those scallions I thought were on steroids were really…Walking onions.

Learn how to make one of the newspaper boxes by watching
Asian Beauty Secret's video 8 Asian Life Hacks.
This cutting board is: Epicurean Non-Slip Series Cutting Board, 14.5-Inch by 11.25-Inch, Natural/Brown
And I feel that that is the only place the recipe wasn't as good as I'd hopped-the onion flavor was missing.

But they did provide me with a lot to add to my homemade composter.

Although I wasn't completely happy with the seasoning, I think it turned out great!

It was honestly, the perfect first recipe. You use a lot of different functions requiring you to figure things out.

I probably tried to start the high pressure cook function timing about 4 times—don't judge me! :) It wasn't as easy as I thought and it required me to get familiar with all the buttons and the display.

I'm really grateful that I chose this recipe for my first InstantPot meal


Life is full of stranger things

Honestly…it really is. full of stranger things.

Not stranger thing like the show—stranger things that are unexpected, unusual but always interesting.

Honestly, my life has been full of them and I'm kinda waiting for the next one.
I need one.

I chalk strange coincidences up to God and his ultimate plan.
Which is sometimes easy to do years down the line: Hindsight is ALWAYS 20/20.


Love is Back!

If you've been here before you know that I really like TV.
Lots of TV…and movies. I have had a couple of post ideas in my head that I desperately need to work on—Sorkin-love being my #1 idea.
But today, I am going to talk (again) about the Netflix original LOVE (previous post here). I saw the trailer for it last night, and I could not be more excited!