My Week In Review: Number 1

This is a new feature I came up with the other day…I think it's a great way for me to write «everyday» and a good way for me to have a standing regularly scheduled post. I didn't come up with the idea until Friday so that's when I began. I will try and post 'My Week In Review' every Sunday.


Shower: YES «I even shaved my legs»
How glorious it was to feel the warm/hot water beating my back and flinging off the dirt and grime from days «2 days» of not showering. I wasn't that dirty «the water wasn't gray or anything» but just the daily schmutz that clings to your being, example: the smell of cooked/burnt dinner.
After the shower I had the time «and motivation» to rub several dime-size handfuls of lavender baby oil on each of my legs, arms and a little on my décolletagebetween the warm shower and the lavender baby oil all I wanted to do was go climb into bed and take a nap.
Of course, I found 1 long leg hair. Ladies you've run into this right, you know that area right above your heel just behind your ankle? That area where 1 or 2 things happen:
1. you miss some portion of it completely for weeks
2. you cut the dickens out of it and the blood turns the water all pink for the remainder of your shower
Yes? You know what I mean right?
Please don't leave me hanging!

I dress, into something too nice apparently and the Boar thinks something is up. But honestly, I just have on a pair of jeans and a sweater instead of my normal uniform of comfy «sweat/yoga/leggings» pants and a t-shirt. But we do have to go to a school festival with out oldest daughter that evening
The Tiger in the middle of an art installation at school.


Shower: No
I woke up late—was awaken by the Dragon and I only had 1 hour before I had to leave for work.
Got up…got coffee…fed the Dragon and the Tiger «she woke up 2 minutes after we went downstairs»…washed up «this included washing my face, and a quick sponging of all my tids and bits», fresh deodorant, and my work clothes.
Worked, shopped after my shift — couple of Christmas gifts purchase and got myself some helpful  items for easier podcast listening.
BlueLounge Cable Clips for my headphones and a ReadeRest Magnet clip so that my iPod and headphones.

Got home and played with the girls for a bit before I was thrown over for the neighbor girl «she will be referred to from this point on as the Snake-not because of who she is, but based on the Chinese calendar and when she was born»
Then we went to church, we love our church-mostly because our children love their neighborhood class. I think that the Boar and I are feeling a little less filled by this particular bit of our God-time.
The Boars hand «holding his coffee» and my coffee +Northview Church 
Well…that's what I have for now! Come back next Sunday to see what I did during the week.



I'm a hot mess right now

Designed by kues1 / Freepik

This is pretty much what my brain looks like.

Kinda beautiful and interesting…but just a jumble.

I've been trying to get so many things done, but I just can't seem to focus.

Do you ever feel like that?


Blogoversary 2017

It seems fitting that I I'm in the process of restarted this blog and that today is the anniversary of when I started so many years ago.

I have decided that this will be more of an 'old school' blog. More about sharing my thoughts, sharing my craft and hope that you will join me here to share YOUR thoughts and your crafts.

I'm not so worried about trying to monetize with sponsored posts, I just want to find other crafty people I can connect with and maybe share some experiences with.

I do hope you will join me.


Rabbit holes are dangerous

I've been listening to a lot of Podcasts lately…
Podcasts are my jam-at least they are right now.

I listened to Podcasts years ago—like 10 years ago, after they first came out.
«Maybe that was 20 year? How long have iPods and Podcasts been around?» I hadn't thought about them in quite a while but like 4 months ago, I decided to look and see if they still existed-you just don't hear much about them anymore «at I haven't»

But much to my delight,  they do!
I decided to go looking to see if I could find any on crafting and/or happiness «I'm sure I was feeling particularly low that day» and I came across one by Gretchen Rubin «AKA The Happiness Project lady» which led me down a rabbit hole of other podcasts.

I subscribed to a couple, I did this through Google play «I have an Android phone and wanted to listen there instead of having to downloading/sync to my old school iPod-5th generation». But then, about a month later while at MOPS «Mothers Of Preschoolers» we started talking about Podcasts…I don't even know what led us to that discussion.

One of the other moms «one I adore and admire very much, despite having just met her this year» mentioned the NPR podcast Serial, which I couldn't find on Google Play,

So, back to the land of Apple and iTunes I went. Where I fell DEEP-down another rabbit hole: the NPR rabbit hole.

And then the more I listened to my initial list of podcast, they led me down another rabbit hole.

Man, rabbit holes are dangerous!

I've almost completely abandoned crafting podcasts-they are truly more fitting for YouTube vlogs or video podcasts; this is due to the visual nature of them-which is a completely different rabbit hole/blog post.

So I have made a conscience decision to stick with inspirational: God, life, craft, business themed within' the inspiration realm

I'm loving my new field of podcasts. I'm inspired daily and have been far more productive.
Less time in the TV rabbit hole—this rabbit hole is my comfort zone comfort hole: where I go when I'm too overwhelmed to figure out what to do; too frustrated with my life because I'm so irritated with how things are moving…where I go when I just want to hide.

All those things are within my control—and although I have always known it, I think I have just forgotten about it over the last 5 years with everything that has happened. With marriage and motherhood I have let myself fall into a different rabbit hole…one of depression and an attitude of day-to-day-just-survive. 

Since everyday I want to thrive instead of just survive…Podcasts have become my healthy rabbit hole.

How about you? Are you thriving or surviving?
I hope you're in the thriving camp. If you need a buddy for your thrive journey…

Lets walk this thriving path together.


P.S. Checkout the list of what I'm listening to over in the sidebar
Over here somewhere-------------------------------------------------->>>>>>>


Summer update

We went and saw Despicable Me 3.

It has been a busy week and a half.

We survived camps.
The Tiger went to girl scout camp—which she LOVED!
We are very lucky to have such an active Girl Scout association in Indiana. There are no less then 8 different state-wide camp locations for girl scouts to attend.
And the Dragon went to half day camp at a local community center—she was not as thrilled with her experience.

We also got through our next adventure—4 days with Glammy and Pap. Which means 4-days of freedom for mom (and dad), except I worked a lot during that time.
What to do?

But I did get to focus on sleep, setting up/cleaning my office, and updating/cleaning out my Etsy shop (which is having it's first sale).

What would you do if you didn't have your kids for 4-days?

And we have just survived Independence Day which was called "The worst day ever!" by the Tiger because she didn't get to stay up late and watch fireworks. Which we did on the 3rd of July. But earlier in the day was called the best day ever because we got to see a long-lost friend.
Can't win for losing can I?

What's next?

Your guess is as good as mine.