Confessions of a real mom

I'm the anti-organized-have-it-all-together mom!

There, I admit it.

It feels good to say it.

I am not the mom bloggers you see that all organized and feeding their kids organic whatever. I do (generally) feed them organic milk and some fruit when I can find it at a reasonable price. But there is not buying of a cow in my future (maybe only because I don't have the freezer space for it).

I don't get paid to blog, although if someone would like to pay me…my email address is—let's chat.

My kitchen counter doesn't look like this.

My kitchen counter looks like this.

I don't have dedicated hours to write my blog. Tonight I am writing while dinner is simmering and before my husband brings the girls home.

But I envy those who do. I strive to have clean counters, to feed my girls organic, to get paid to blog and craft.

I know reading those blogs is like watching a reality show, they are produced/calculated to look great.
And even though I know that, it still makes me feel a bit like a bad mom.

So, that makes me the mom that lets her kids put ketchup on their dinner…

Why not it's another vegetable right?
Look, it's organic! Generic organic, but organic nevertheless. (It's a total fluke and must have been on sale.)

And since I'm a work-outside-of-the-home-mom, I do things like: make Hamburger Helper and add half a bag of frozen pea's. And since I want my kids to drink milk (organic or otherwise) I let them have strawberry milk.

I'm also the mom who dances around the house with her girls; sits on the floor and builds homes for Little People with legos; gives lots of kisses and we giggle quite a bit.

And I think, as long as my girls (at least the one who can talk better) says 'I Love You Too Mommy" then I'm doing OK.

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