Crafting and food

Today was the second Craft Lunch at work.

I tried this once before, didn't get much traction. However, it's November and you know what that means...people start FREAKING out about holiday craft projects and now people are interested in crafting there 45 minute lunch break away—even if it's only once a week.
I'm working on cup cozies for holiday presents for O & E's teachers. Luckily, they are both in the same class at school so that cuts down on the number I need to do.'s a story for another time.

Let's talk about Sunday's Thanksgiving dinner. If you read Saturday's post, you will remember that this was the menu:
Standard stuff was good.

The mashed potatoes will be a part of Thanksgiving 2, but add more spice. In-laws are pretty...vanilla so I didn't add much garlic/salt/pepper. But next time it's on!

Dessert was good, but REALLY sweet so I might rethink making that one again. My FIL liked it (perhaps because my MIL doesn't let him have anything), he had a HUGE piece—first was smallish and second was big—and that pissed my MIL off. He's diabetic so he really shouldn't have.
 Had plenty of left overs so work has had dessert for multiple days.

Bonus app....not great. Sadly, I plan on loosing the recipe.

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