Peace and Quiet

Everyone here is asleep.

It's lovely!

My house is a wreck and my in-laws are coming over tomorrow to celebrate 'Thanksgiving' and what am I doing?

Blogging :)

This is my surroundings right now...I 'straightened-up' before taking this picture.
And now you understand my domestic skills.
So, this is going to be short, because I always feel like my MIL is judging me and I have to go be more domestic.

Tomorrows Thanksgiving feast will consist of:
  • Salad: our standard salad which is spinach, tomatoes and black olives with your choice of cheese (mexican blend or feta-my fav)
  • Ham: yeah precooked and ready to eat from Costco (don't judge)
  • Mash potatoes: I'm going to try this recipe from Six Sisters Slow Cooker Creamy Mashed Potatoes
  • Stuffing: From a box (again, don't judge)
  • Gravy: From a jar (ditto to above comment)
  • Broccoli: Steamed maybe with cheese sauce (from a jar)
  • Bread: "fresh baked" from my SIL who's idea of fresh baked is opening a can of Pilsbury something and baking it.
  • Desserts: Pumpkin Pie w/whipped cream (also coming form my SIL—store baught; Chocolate Peanut Butter 7-Layer Bars (trying from Domestic Rebel)
  • A bonus appetizer if I have time, although I'm sure my in-laws will hate it (maybe not my SIL and BIL) because they are not very adventurous eaters: Baked Ricotta Slather with Garlic and Herbs

OK, I think I hear E so my quiet time is now officially OVER! :)
I'll let you know how the food tastes.

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