2012-13 Checkin

I know it's only 15 days into this, but I'm already not doing a great.

  1. Get O to understand (and give) Eskimo kisses—Not yet
  2. Knit one dishcloth a month (12 dishcloths total)—Check
  3. Knit a 'Despicable' Hat (knit the hat from Despicable Me)—Started
  4. Write and share a pattern—Not yet
  5. Knit one additional project-a whole project started during the 10/1/12 and 9/30/13 time period—No yet
  6. Get back to my pre-baby weight—Not even close because I can't stop eating
  7. Get back to my pre-pre-baby weight—See above
  8. Plan and host a Paddle Party—Probably not going to happen
  9. Complete a half marathon—Read
  10. Finish the cross stitch Christmas piece—I'll blog about it soon
  11. Decorate our master bedroom—Started
  12. Decorate the family room—Waiting
  13. Take 3 pics a week—:( No
  14. Dance more—I signed up for a class that starts at the end of the month
  15. Shine my kitchen sink 5 days a week—Yeah, no
  16. Organize the office—In progress
  17. Decorate the office—In progress
  18. Plan meals—Nope
  19. Follow the Financial Peace University plan—Started
  20. Get 3 hours a week of time with O on our own—Nope
  21. Get 3 hours a week of time with E on our own—Yeah
  22. Get 3 hours a week of time with Chris on our own—hard to quantify
  23. Blog 1 day a week—:)
  24. Act the way I want to feel—Some days
  25. Write a knitting pattern—Not yet
  26. Publish a knitting pattern online—Not yet (really too much like #4)
  27. Read 3 books—In progress
  28. Finish the half finished crafts—They are at least all together (sorta) and…

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