Snow, snow and more snow

How in the world is it March and we are STILL getting snow. No, no, no more snow please.

Well, next week is Spring Break for school, thank goodness. I have a ton of grading to do and I guess since it's all snowy there's not real Spring Break type activities to take part in. So I'll grade, knit, work my regular 9-5.
I have been knitting this week. I finished the March Dishcloth KAL.

This week in the class I'm taking, which is a marketing and new media class (which I love, if you live in Indy and are interested in taking it, please let me know, I'll give you the details).
We focused on Podcasting. It was pretty cool. I think I'd like to try it, but it's also a little scarey. I mean, I love my podcasts. I listen to Dawn and Drew, NPR most emailed stories, ESPN roundup, Delta Park Project (although they have podfaded), Knit Picks, Vicki Howell, ect...but I'm not sure I have anything interesting enough to say. :) And like I've said previously —Kelley Petkun (Knit Picks Podcast) has the best voice and I certainly don't.
Here you can hear it below.

I also started my second Monkey Sock. I really want to learn how to do two on two circular needles, cause by the time I get to the second one, I don't even ant to finish. I'm ready to start a new project or work on a previously unfinished project. :)

Well, I think it's time for some lunch. I'm gonna go grab some grub, knit and maybe I'll start watching my new netflix movie: The Jane Austin Book Club.
I've definitely been on a Jane Austin kick lastly.

Is it me or is Blogger being a butt today!?!

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