Goodwill, home improvements and little knitting

I have decided to go to Goodwill the last couple of days at lunch. I have found some good deals.
Yesterday I purchased these games.

Two Trivial Pursuit games (both of which still have some of the cards inside in the wrapping!), Upwords (so Chris and I can play, we played scrabble on Saturday night, it was fun) and a little file organizer. Spent like 13 dollars! Can't beat that and especially since I had mentioned to Chris about Upwords just the other day.

Did I mention that I beat Chris at Scrabble by 1 point? It was a great game of back and forth.

Well, today I decided to go to a different Goodwill, there are two within a 10 mile radius of my office.

I found this great sign, a cute pie dish (have NO idea what I will do with it, just couldn't resist it) and a Solve the Mystery puzzle. I love these. Have you ever done one? You don't know what they are supposed to look like. You read the little story (which I never do) and you have to put the puzzle together to find out how the mystery is solved.

The sign is going to go in my newly painted spare bedroom, along with a couple of the other items I found.

What else did I find?
• Two ceiling lamps (one will go in my hall way, the other in my entry way).
• A nice little mirror (for the spare bedroom).
• A cute little shelf (also for the spare bedroom).
All in all I spent $35. Which I think is pretty good.

However, these items aren't quite what I want. Different colors, ect…. So, I hit Michaels, for something other then yarn… and this is what I picked up.
• A couple of paint brushes.
• A little tube of paint brush cleaner.
• White acrylic paint.
• Some Rub 'n Buff.

And this is what I've accomplished so far!
I turned the mirror frame from gold (top) to white (bottom). Gold is too dark for the room.
All I need to do now is wait for it to dry, scrape any paint that is on the mirror off (I'm not the best painter) and hang!
Then I used the Rub n'Buff to turn the light fixtures from gold to silver. I just like silver better.

I didn't get a chance to paint the shelf, but it is going to be white as well. I think it will look better in that room if it's a lighter color. I wish they had had two. But what can you do?

I think I did pretty well. If I had purchased all that stuff brand new at the store I would have spent a couple hundred dollars easy, which I really can't afford to do. plus, I really kinda believe in re-purposing/recycling goods.

And yesterday, Oscar got groomed, thank goodness. Check this out. A before and after. he doesn't even look like the same dog! But he appears to be much happier with his new hair cut.

I have done a little knitting, I'm through the heel flap on the second Monkey sock. So, it's getting late and I think I'm going to try and get through the heel before hitting the sack tonight.

Sweet dreams!

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