It's finished

I promised a post about the Little Girl's Hooded Sweater—here it is!

Honestly, the project knit up so easily…my biggest hang-up was 'sewing' it all together. I've never made something that had so many pieces that had to fit «nicely» together.

And there is NO information about how to sew a sweater together that is made in pieces. Maybe my problem was that I was only looking at how to sew together sweaters and only looking at videos. I don't know.

Most people make sweaters in basically ONE piece. This mean's no one is giving instructions on how to sew an body and arms together or front to back and arms to body…that had me in tears!

But I did watch a couple of the videos I did find and my saving grace was the fact that I did this sweater in stripes. This completely helped me know exactly how the pieces needed to line-up.

All that being said, I'll do it again.
Why you ask,
Because this hooded sweater was for my oldest daughter and my youngest daughter always want to wear one whenever her big sister does. Which is—of course—completely adorable, but also means that I need to make her one.

Ugg! :)
Well, that's all I have for now.

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