I got fired today

I've never really explained what I do-for actual money.

I'm a graphic designer—my career has been mostly spent in the print world.

But in the last year I went out on my own as a freelancer and have been doing quite a bit of web work…which is a whole different ballgame.

I love the web.
I'm pretty tech savy.
But designing and then handing it over to someone else to code «html 2.0, java, css…all languages I am not versed in-I'm barely good at English».

So I've been working with a great PR/marketing women and she has been handing me work-web work. But I just haven't got a hold on this last client.

I don't really know why. But there's a new team on this particular project and I'm just not cutting it.

So…fired. :(

I'm a bit down now.

I do believe everything happens for a reason and I know God has a plan so I will just hold tight to that and chug on. I have—of course—taken it all with grace «it helps that  it was all done over email».

Onto the next project. I mean. I was only cut loose from one of the 4 projects I have going on now. However, I was pretty proud of what I had done.

On the bright side…I've been completely OBSESSED with Midori's for the last two weeks-this explains why I haven't been blogging, I've been watching too much YouTube and researching. So my first fauxdori should be here tomorrow (traveler sized) AND I purchased a field notes size fauxdori cheap «kinda» from one of the FB groups today. Bright side-I still know how to spend money! And I'm kinda obsessed with this bag «I'm pretty sure I will retail therapy myself into that tomorrow».

This is one a bit of it, if you'd like to judge—this was a quick change up with my blog colors/etc…I didn't spend much time changing it up «just wanted to hide the identity of the client».

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