The beginning

I've had a lot of beginnings lately.

Today is the first day of this little project: Aunt Ellen's Needlework Club.
Starting with a Fiber Friday: the Little Girl's Hooded Sweater.

The reboot of my blog (again).

And losing weight/getting back/close to my pre-baby health.

OH! And I'm also starting my daily cleaning schedule—which frankly…I hate to clean so this might be the biggest deal.

Are you starting anything this month?


  1. Also trying to start a cleaning schedule here.... where did you get yours.... Or are you still writing one :)

    1. I've written it…I looked at a bunch of different other people's lists. If you email me your address Cristina, I'll send it to you (laminated and everything). I'd love to have someone else look at it/use it and give me feedback. :)