Update and What's happenin'!

Hello everyone!

It's Monday and I hope you had a good weekend. It was beautiful here on all weekend and we spent a bunch of time outside.

We also spent a hefty amount of time in the car. We took a trip to see my in-laws on Sunday which is about a 45 minute drive both ways. Therefore, I got some (much needed) knitting time.

As a result, I have the back and (almost) on sleeve complete on the hoodie.

19% done!

And today is Dinner, Dining and Dessert day. That means trying something new…I guess I'll post about the results tomorrow.

What else is going on…I'm going to join the Sew Mama Sew giveaway. I've never participated in something like that and considering I'm trying to 'rebuild' this blog (or build really). I think it could be good—albeit a bit scarey, I'm worried about meeting people's expectations.

So, tomorrow the discussion will be on food. Which is one thing I didn't think about when I decided to work on this project. I'm trying to lose weight and now I'm going to make Chicken (not bad) and brownies (not great…even if they are carrot brownies).

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