Aunt Ellen's Needlework Club: The plan

I have a plan!
And a title for this series.

How did I come to this name? Excellent question…

According to some history I found of The Wastebasket when it was started by the husband and wife team of John and Clara Tillotson in 1935 they sent out postcards inviting women to join "Aunt Ellen's Needlework Club." Check out this ad that ran in The Pittsburgh Press (Jan. 16, 1949)

So in honor of this magazine that lasted over 60 years, I decided that I would join the club.

Check out my membership card-I don't know if they actually gave out cards, but…I thought it would be fun.
If you want one…ask! I bet I could make you one.
But we are Novices in the club for a while.

My plan can be found here. I'll update it as needed.

And I am excited to begin tomorrow with the Little Girl's Hooded Sweatshirt.

I have a calendar, here.

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