Let me focus

I am so ready for summer, and with the season change comes a renewed need to craft.

I do craft—a lot—but,
I need to focus…
I need a regimen…
I need to start from something and then modify.

Sometimes the thought paralyzes me and I just do what comes easiest—knitting.

I mean, Pinterest—which I LOVE—can be a bit daunting. All those choices of things to do! I want to do them ALL, which translates into me doing nothing (or very little) because all I do is look and pin.

I have lots of Pinterest…but I lack PinDo .

FOCUS is what I need

The idea came to me this weekend. Chris and I took little a day trip to Richmond, Indiana (about 1.5 hours east of Indy). To attend an estate auction.
The auction was kinda a bust. But on the way home we stopped at an antique mall.

While there, we came across some old issues of Popular Science. And that got me to thinking about the old issues of The Workbasket and Home Arts Magazine I have.

Magazines were (sorta) the original Pinterest.

Once we got home, I pulled out those old Workbasket magazines and started thinking I should do SOMETHING with them.

Thus, I hatched an idea…I'd be the crafting Julie Powell…sorta. Basically, Julie cooked her way through Julia Child's The Art of Cooking in 1-year.

I've decided to start a journey. My journey is going to begin with me crafting, learning and cooking my way through one issue of Workbasket magazine (May 1981) in one month.

I will not be doing every recipe or making every craft project. But within this 62-page magazine, I've chosen to follow and learn from 11 different articles. 

So…now the fun begins: Plan. Execution. Follow through. Completion.
All of which require FOCUS.

I plan on starting Friday, May 1…up till then I'll plan my journey.

Wish me luck!

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