Creamy Pasta with Sausage and Peas

Happy birthday to my hubby!
Obligatory blowing out the camera photo
What did he want for his birthday dinner? My cream cheese pasta. I don't know why…but I thought I'd share it with yall!

I will apologize, I cook by smell, feel, instinct. That's to say, I don't measure «often», I almost never write down what I did. And I use whatever is around.

All of this I blame on my dad. I remember cooking with him often on Saturday and Sunday evenings. My mom would fall asleep on the couch and he'd enlist my sister and I to cook with him. My dad is a excellent chef cook. He spent his formative years hanging in the kitchen with his yia yia(s) and mom.

I buy lots of store brand foods.
1 box of pasta
2 cans of diced tomatoes «I prefer no added salt version»
Olive Oil
Sausage «I prefer italian sausage, but I used what I had in my freezer stash»
Salt and pepper

Inspired by the recipe on the back of the box

1) Add olive oil and garlic to pan to start over medium heat.

2) When you start to smell the garlic it's time to add the sausage.

3) Brown sausage in the garlic and oil.

4) Add the diced tomatoes to the browning sausage. Let cook a couple minutes.

5) Add peas.
6) Season to taste with salt and pepper or some kind of combined seasonings «I like to use Season Salt». Continue to simmer.

7) Cook pasta as directed, but leave a little el dante. I ended up feeling like I was going to need more pasta so I used the box I had plus grabbed some extra from my pasta leftover stash.

8) Drain pasta. Then add to sausage, tomato and peas.

9) Mix well.
10) Cut cream cheese into squares and add to pan your pasta/sausage mixture. Lower heat.

11) Mix well. Cream cheese will start to melt in as you mix.

12) Let cook for another 5-10 minutes keeping an eye on it to make sure it doesn't burn.

13) Enjoy!

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