Back to square one

This post has been rolling around in my head for a couple days now.
Do you know what I mean?
My brain really has to kind of chew on things for a while before they come out.
It's like my brain is working up to verbal vomit. «lovely thought isn't it»

So, you may have noticed that I haven't posted anything about my Healthy Living Challenge lately. Why is that? Well, because I fell off the wagon.
I know! I was all gung ho and then…

So, I am starting over.

I've started by writing out ALL my goals. This provides two things to me:
1) getting it all out of my head—let's call it…compositional vomit
2) it provides me with something to refer to/be accountable too

I don't know about you, but these is something I need and having it written out, in one place, where I can refer back to it...all good things for me.

I decided to make myself a contract. I made it small so it fits in my planner/journal. The hope is that I will see it «at a minimum» every morning when I look at my planner and start planning out my day and perhaps during the day as well.

Also, I planned out rewards for when I reach each goal. I did this before. I mentioned in my previous post that years ago I lots a lot of weight. During that process I gave myself rewards for each 5lbs I lost. NEVER food rewards.

Interestingly enough a friend from that time said something to me about that. Thinking that it was weird that I didn't reward myself with food. But, I rewarded myself with food a little too much up to that point which was WHY I needed to lose weight.

Here's my solution: a healthy living contract.
My health contract. Find the link below to get your own.
You can see my goal list and my rewards a listed beneath each goal.

Me at 160lbs.
You might also notice that my goal weight is 160lbs. To most people that's a little high. But even at my smallest, I was about 150lbs and that was too hard for me to maintain.

Me at 150lbs.
I had a trainer once tell me «when I was 150lbs» that I should be 125lbs do to my height…I call shenanigans on that shit! At 160lbs I would wear a size 8 pant (6 skirt) and I see no need for everyone on the planet to be a size 0, 2, 4…

I like curves. I have broad shoulders, hips and breasts…all things that IMHO make a women look like a women «maybe not the broad shoulders, but I can't change that».

So I begin again. This weekend is crazy so, it will be on Monday.
No, it's not an excuse, check me out on Instagram on Monday night for the post.

Oh! Would you like the goal sheet?
I'm happy to share.

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