Update: Healthy Choices Challenge

Well, if you have been following me on Instagram «#HealthyChangesChallenge1» you will notice that I've been doing pretty darn well!

I did make a modification though.

I have given myself a 'day of rest'. I don't think it will always be the same day.

I had last Friday off from work and I was piddling around the house…finishing projects…starting and then finishing projects and basically not interested in leaving the house to go workout.

So Friday was the first rest day.

It's harder then I thought to get those steps in. Mostly because I have a job where I sit at a computer all day. I've been trying to go and talk to people as opposed to sending an email. I've even started walking around the empty conference room while I'm waiting for my tea water to boil.

But I am still at the gym for 45-60 minutes in order to get those steps in.

Which isn't a bad thing and I really like just being able to walk and be alone with my thoughts—it's quite calming.

So, having you been making any healthy changes?

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