Random act of kindness

This afternoon I was able to leave 2 dishcloths around the Indy area.

I left them inside stores, making it hard to leave them without being caught—in fact the first one I left—I was almost caught. I was shopping with O and she was sidetracked from leaving, so we didn't get out of the store as quickly as I'd have liked. And I was asked by a associate if I left "This" «she was holding the dishcloth» and I said "No".

I felt bad lying.
I hate lying and I'm really not good at it.

And the second one. Well, I just threw it in the coupon pile inside the vestibule of a local health food grocery store. Again, O is my excuse.

I wasn't able to get pictures. But, that's OK.

I hope they find good homes. Homes that will use them.

And I hope someone who needs a little act of kindness finds one and it brightens their day.

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