Negotiating with a 3-year old

It's not the first《and I'm sure not the last》time I've negotiated pleading with my O to poop.

This has been a constant issue with her.

It's not an unusual problem. Many toddlers withhold a BM. So there's comfort in knowing we're not alone. But when your child is telling you that it hurts and is crying while hiding under the kitchen table with her legs crossed…it certainly doesn't feel like anyone else could be going through the same thing.

It just feel crappy.

Thus I find myself crouched beside her coaxing her out.

Holding her legs apart《hoping that will help the poop come out》 Both of us crying while I try and tell her how much better she will feel if she just "lets the poop out."

And then the bribes begin:
I'll let you take picture with my new camera—A new favorite thing for her.
You can have a cookie.
You can have ice cream.
You can watch a fairy movie.
You can watch a fairy movie while eating ice cream and cookies and taking pictures with my new camera...for the love of God child PLEASE POOP!

None of this ever works.

Instead we end up giving 'butt medicine' 《a suppository 》

Which is an ordeal in-and-of itself.

This usually works, but the whole thing is an exhausting afternoon.

For both of us.

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