Label it—Free Silhouette file

So I mentioned that I'm nesting right? Again, origin of the reason for nesting is «still» unknown.

A couple weeks ago, I spent some time on Saturday cleaning out my pantry.

I don't have a before pic so you're going to have to take my word for it when I tell you: it was a HoT mEsS.

But this is the result. Still not perfect, but CONSIDERABLY better!

The ultimate question is, will it stay that way?

Well, it has. Add that to my «short» list of wins!

But today, I'm not going to talk about the process of organizing it or anything like that. I will leave that to the experts «of which I am not».

Well, I guess I am a little.

I'm going to talk about the labels I made.
Mostly because I got to use my Silhouette Cameo.

I'm also going to give you a little something for stopping by. :)

Let's get started.

Let me begin by saying: I'm not getting paid by anyone to talk about the Cameo.
I have one.
Purchased it on Amazon last year. 
Like it a lot, but  don't get to use it as much as I'd like.

Items needed:
Silhouette Cameo or Portrait (I believe the file is the same, you just might need to do some set-up changes)
Computer with Silhouette Studio
1 or 2 pieces of card stock paper (I chose two pieces that coordinated well)
Paper glue (I used Zig)
Something to affix the label to your basket or organizational item

1) Gather all your supplies and turn on your computer.

2) Set up your Silhouette Cameo and download my sharing file here «File revised at 9:15 EST 031914».
It's a PDF with the explanation on how to use it. The Silhouette Studio file is an attachment INSIDE the PDF.
3) I chose to do the background cuts first. It's a basic cut with two holes for affixing the label using yarn, string, O rings «whatever you choose». The holes also help in lining up the two cuts.
Set aside.

4) Choose your font and type your label into the #2 labels (see file). Be mindful of the two divots at the top of this label. These correspond to the two holes from the cuts you made in the last step.

5) Separate these cuts. I used the 'negative' cut for my labels.
           a) Because it's easier then getting all those letters lined up/spaced correctly
           b) I think it's easier to read from a distance
           c) I like the look
Put the letters in a baggie and save for a future project.

6) Now it's time to glue. I mentioned that I used Zig scrapbooking glue. I like it because it goes on blue and dries clear. So I know exactly where I got glue. Also, it doesn't set instantly so you can reposition your pieces if you need to.

7) We're in the home stretch. Choose how to want to adhere your labels. I used raffia and also Zots glue dots. If I could have found some cheap 1" loose leaf rings I think they would look nice too…with some ribbon wrapped around them or maybe some Washi tape wrapped. Oh…I think I just thought up my next project.

I digress, I just laced the raffia through the holes in the label and through my basket. With the two others there was no way to attach except by using some kind of glue directly to the plastic basket.

Done—for now!

I still have some more to make (check out that lonely little popcorn basket—it needs a label).

That's it.

I feel like this tutorial wasn't quite as well put together as my last, but I'd love to hear what you have to say.
Comment, say 'Hi' or better yet take a pic of your labels so I can see—love that!

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