My Favorite Things—Right Now

Rosebud Strawberry Lip Balm
My lips are chapped like never before (thank you midwest winter) and really the only thing that is keeping them going is this lip balm. It seriously helps with my chapped-gross lips. There's not much more to say other then, I'm a fan of it's taste. I'm not a fan of having to put it on with my finger. But…gotta take the good with the bad right?

C.O. Bigelow Soothing Lip Buffer Gentle Formula #1070
Sadly, this is a discontinued product. The tube I have, I've had for YEARS. But have found it recently and am incredibly glad I have. It's been such a horrible winter and my lips are completely chapped all the time. Despite the fact that I am an hard-core lip stuff user (see above and add Nivea, Chapstick, ect…). But this lip exfoliant seems to really do the trick when my lips get a bit unbearable and I find myself licking/picking at them more then one should. Once this is gone I'm going to have to find something new. Suggestions?

Proclaim Coconut & Macadamia Nut Oil Hand & Body Lotion
This lotion is DIRT CHEAP! I think during the holidays I got 3 bottles for $1.99 or something cRaZy like that. I kinda expected it to suck considering how cheap it was, but it honestly works great. I use it almost exclusively on my feet. Again, Indiana winter has been a bear…even my feet that are covered 90% of the time are dry. Even after one application and they are much better.

Veronica Mars
Yes, I am aware that this show is holy old. But the movie comes out on Friday, and even though I had watched most of the first season when it originally aired, I of course got distracted and stopped tuning in on Tuesday nights (or whatever night it was on). I completely caught up (thank you Amazon Prime) and I am jonesing for the movie. Especially after the abrupt ending. I read somewhere that it was a casualty of the writers strike, it just wasn't renewed after the strike ended. Well, I want to know what happens next. I hope they do tie up some of those lose ends, despite the fact that the movie takes place like 10 years later or something.

What are your favorite things?

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