Who is One Craft Chick?

Yeah...that's me.

It's my Etsy alter ego.

I don't do much over there, but I also plan on stepping that up as well.

I just wish I was better at the SEO/marketing portion of it…or was able to really put in more time at it.
I have several knitting projects going right now:
1) this neck wrap for a friend, I just need to add the buttons.
2) the latest Monthly Dishclothe KAL
and lastly
3) my infinity scarf, which I've started and frogged and started again. Decided I'm not happy with so I'll frog and try again with a pattern I plan to write based on an infinity scarf a friend has.

I've also been doing some work around here.

Did you notice?

I have some Follow Me icons over on the right.

Oh, and a signature.

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