Shit or get off the pot and a printable quote

This is a pretty common expression right? Shit or get off the pot…I don't think it's something I heard from my yiayia (grandmother in Greek) or anything. Top of my shit list…definitely her.

Well, that is where I'm kinda at right now in my life.

I am on the cusp of making a huge decision and I've been thinking about it for so long…it almost suffocating.

Things each week keep pushing me to think, reevaluate and think more.

And so I continue to pray about it. I ask others to pray for me.

Yes, I totally believe in God and I believe that he puts thing all around us everyday to help us/guide us. He already knows what we are going to do, but I believe He still puts those things around us, even if we ignore or overlook them.

He's just good like that.

I think He's a wishful thinker.

I like that.

I read this quote last week on some Twitter feed…Inspiration today or something…I guess it did it's job…

Something else God put there for me…

Here's a JPG and PDF for you.

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