Not my best moment

I read this blog post over at Scary Mommy the other day and I haven't been able to shake it.

Five Inevitability of's brilliant and it wasn't anything that I hadn't experienced or felt. #5 was something that I have just been fine with. My husband and I really have nothing 'nice' we have decided that we will just save up on getting nice things until the girls are older.

But Monday morning "Something You Love Will Be Ruined By Your Child" took on a whole new meaning and I think that is why I have been thinking about this so much.

I love Love LOVE my morning shower.

I can't tell you how much I love it.

I love the warm water beating down on my back, the rhythm of the water hitting the porcelain, the smell of the soap...the white-noise-silence.
The blissful silence of my husband not talking about whatever political Obama conspiracy he heard Sean Hannity talk about on the radio during his ride home...his shitty old boss...whatever negativeness he is fixated on that day. No one is saying mommy or asking to watch Dora.

The time where I don't have to think about ANYONE else. It's a completely selfish pleasure.

I love it.

Have I mentioned that I love it.

Well, on this particular Monday morning my oldest daughter woke up early and decided that coming into the bathroom was an excellent idea.

2 minutes into my shower

"Hi Mommy" O says opening the shower curtain.


"Hi O, mommy is taking a shower...can you go to your room and read while mommy finishes."
"I don't want to."
"Can you go to the stairs and call down to daddy to see if he can open the gate and you can go down stairs and watch a Dora."

YES I can have the remaining part of my shower!

"Don't yell, remember E is still asleep."
"OK mommy."

And she does it. She didn't yell too loud, but it was still enough to wake E whom is now crying.
And I am in the shower on the verge of tears.

"Daddy didn't answer. Where is he?"
"He must be in the shower also."
"Can you go 'read' to E."
"I don't want to."

Damn you child!

So I hurry and finish my shower and with that my day is off to a not so happy start.

It was like O took the last piece of chocolate cake jar of peanut butter* in the whole world. And honestly, if she asked for it, I'd have given it to her. I would do just about anything for either of my girls. But it was like she stole it. 

Or like she spilled juice all over the a white couch.

*I'd probably choose peanut butter over chocolate cake most days...chocolate cake always sounds good, but almost never tastes as good as I want it to...peanut butter on the other hand never disappoints. Last week at EarthFare I purchased some Honey Roasted Peanut Butter (that peanut butter that you ground yourself right there in the store, except this wasn't just ground peanuts, it was Honey Roasted peanuts that are ground into peanut butter—it's delish)

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