I think I'm married to Randal Graves

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Have you ever had a moment where you realize you interact on a daily basis with someone who could be a movie character?

That happened to me yesterday. I mean, all in, it was a good day. And this blog is about memories…I think.

But, this is a realization that has consumed and it's definitely noteworthy.

Here it is, I have a habit of listening to movies on my iPod while I'm working. I know that sounds funny, but I love movies and if I've see it a million times, I can just listen to it and it becomes white noise or I hear dialog that I miss when I'm watching.

Yesterday I was listening to Clerks 2.
Let me say, I'm a huge +Kevin Smith fan. I mean HUGE...the man could talk about paint drying and I'd think it was hilarious. I've seen all his movies a million multiple times (with the exception of Red State.)
But my love for Kevin is for another post. I mean, our platonic love affair is so complicated he doesn't even know it exists. :)

Anyway, where was I?

Oh yes, listening to Clerks 2.
It was the porch monkey scene and all the sudden, I heard Randal Graves words in my husbands voice!

And that is when I came to the realization that my husband is Randal in real life!

I mean, his real name is Chris, but the similarities are uncanny.

Randal=irritating yet lovable. Chris=irritating yet lovable.

Randal=CrAzY smart. Chris=CrAzY smart.

Randal=likes to push Dante's buttons. Chris=likes to push my buttons. (Does that make me Dante?)

Both say completely inappropriate things—my husband just does it to get my goat or because he doesn't care about being politically correct. Randal seems to do it because he doesn't quite know better and/or just doesn't care.

However, Randal doesn't seem to do it around small children—which my husband does because he thinks our 3-year old and 18 month old don't get it.

Oh, but there was that time Randal sold cigarettes to a 6 year old…anyway.

I have no idea how I didn't see (or hear) it sooner, but…there it is. Not quite the highlight of my day. But memorable never the less.

These are highlights.

My O asking me to color with her…despite the fact that she's totally bossy about it and only let me use a purple and a yellow Crayon.

Or maybe when my little E was cuddled up in my arms and daddy came over to get her. Instead of going to him she cuddled in tighter and say "No!"

Those might have been the true highlights, but the Randal/Chris realization is noteworthy.

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