I'm an introvert...

...who kinda forces herself to be an extrovert.

When she starts talking about her grandfather and how he was a rabbi there was something there that made me think of Crossing Delancey and seeing Susan Cain as the real life version of Isabelle Grossman. I think it's all the talk about books and to find out that she is Jewish...it all played in.

If you haven't seen the movie, you should watch it.

Anyway, I was watching (by watching I mean listening) to it and just can't decide how I feel. Maybe it just plays into everything I am feeling right now in my life, but I've always been OK with being an introvert, but when I have to be extroverted I'm way awkward, which just makes me feel bad about myself. But then I wonder, am I just an introvert because I'm not really comfortable in my own skin?

The moment of my life when I have felt the best about my self has been a time where I had lost a bunch of weight and played that extroverted role quiet a bit. But again, the more I think about tat time in my life, I was most 'extroverted' around my family of friends so was it that I was just comfortable around them and felt like it was OK to be a little more of both extro- and intro-vert?

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