What am I doing?

I don't even know anymore. Seriously…I just don't.

This is what I do know:
I have 3 projects going...2 on needles and I just got notification about another getting ready to start.

Oh and I should be getting something about the beginning of my monthly dishcloth KAL.

What else? Well, I am actively trying to get some freelance work and chronicling that here.

I've also been trying to read a lot more…have I mentioned that I have 2 kids. In fact today was the oldest's birthday. She's 3 and CrAzY cool.

Such is life…which i am desperately trying to organize, this I think is fruitless…but I'm trying anyway.

Oh and I'm trying to lose weight and get a life outside of my family.

After typing all that, I'm pretty sure I'm crazy.

OK, I have to go do something else. :)

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