Technology-my frienemy

I just downloaded the Blogger ap for my phone.

Out doesn't seem to have much functionality beyond being able to post. I suppose slightly more functionality then just email publishing-which admittedly I haven't used for years and I never used it often because I didn't like the limit control it offered.

Maybe this will allow for me to post a little more often and from my phone or tablet. This is important because these are many outlet to the web works when they are around and it feels like they are always around when I'm trying to post or think of a great idea for a post. Or like today, I'm at lunch (Taco Bell..the lunch off the lazy) and don't have my computer, just my phone.
Do you just marvel ad how important your phone has become?

I have.

I feel naked without it. Growing up my mom ALWAYS put lipstick on before she left the house-in fact, I'm pretty sure she still does-or she feel naked.

Now this was never me and probably never will be...many look had never really been something I've fretted about.

But a panicked...where's my phone? Almost on a daily basis. 

Oh I love and mind of loathe you.

I never feel like I can just be.

I always have too I've doing something.


Posting: Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Instagram, Blogger...


I honestly feel like I need a break--but what would I do...
Truthfully, the fact that I just told you that makes me sad.

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