Haha Google Reader!

So Google...you took my Google Reader away but I got (some) of my content back!

Yeah I'm still a bit pissed about it.
Mostly because it had been so long since I had been in reader that I didn't know you were taking it away (yeah, I shouldn't be that pissed right, because I only found out like 2 weeks ago).

So I started my surch for a new RSS aggragator. I had some criteria
easy to use
easy to share
easy to save
Did I mention free...

Well I was reading all kinds of reviews and blah blah blah. Everyone said that Bloglines was the closes to Reader and most comparible...yeah, LIES!
Tried it, Bloglines=DISLIKE
So I went over to Newblur It's slick! It looks slick it seems slick. I tried, I use, I stay. My only dislike: I can't be clicked in a post and be reading and just 'page down' using my arrow keys I have to use that scrolly thing on the right. :{

So my next problem was trying to remember what my feeds were...this was a daunting task and I'm pretty sure I didn't get them all because I was going through the posts I shared with my hubby in my email (I never really delete any email from friends or anything, why should I I can have like a bazillion emails in my gmail account).

Anyway, today I was doing some updates to my blog settings and adding widgets, etc...and I found on that allows you to add the blogs you're reading. Now if you've been here before, or if you're here now, you can see that I already have one of those. But this is some newer version of the one I had so I thought I'd give it a try.

I'm manually adding what I read from Newsblur 'Add to list'> 'Add by URL'...

and then I decide to click on this 'Import subscriptions from Google Reader'

And there it is...my Google Reader feeds! I almost fell out of my chair!
Now I can find all my old feeds. I don't have all the items I've starred, but this is a start. If I find how to get the starred items I'll let you know. I'll have to start going through them and deleting ones that really aren't active anymore...

To say the least, I am pretty excited. :)

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