Follow-up to Frienemy post

So, I wrote the (below) post yesterday at lunch. I didn't post it until about 30 minutes ago.

WHat do I think of publishing using the Blogger app?

Well, it's sufficient. It works and in a pinch or if I wanted to 'draft it' and then come back and clean it up…perfect.

I dislike that I have no control of where the photo is inserted. It appears to be always at the bottom of the post.

I like, dare say LOVE the fact that I can tag my post from the app…that seems to be one of those things I never remember. I dislike in the web version all the 'Post settings' are over on the right hand side...I usually forget and have to go back and edit my post to include some of those things. It's just not intuitive to me to do it. That could just be me.

I also was hoping that there would be a way to see the meager analytics that blogger has in the app. I'm sure there is an analytics app. I wish there was a Google Suites app...That would be awesome. Is there already one and I've missed it. Maybe I should go and look at the Play store.

Well, that's all I got for now. I think I will go and clean-up my previous post and then knit.

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