Perfectly imperfect

Have you ever met one of those people that seems perfect?
You know what I mean...the kind of person that is totally likable but you really want to just HATE them?

Yeah, I met one the other day.

She purchased something from me online and we met up to make the exchange.

She was perfect…sun-kissed blonde hair (not a one hair out of place)…awesome end of the summer tan…dressed in some cute casual outfit and toting around two kids between 3 and 5. 

How does she do that?

I met her (just me, girls in daycare because I had taken the day off work to do a sundry of things) in sweats, a tee-shirt, and a hat making my bedhead. She had showered and had her kids looking adorable and running errands. 

And NO it wasn't early in the morning it was like 2 in the afternoon. So not an excuse for me/

She was a 'magical pregnancy unicorn' (only not pregnant). 

I recently saw a couple of pics of her on FB and man, I feel so frumpy just looking at her. And I showered today!

However, my professional self doesn't look anywhere near as good as her running-around-town-self and that is what I admire.

I want to be friends with her. I even think we'd get along and have a great time hanging out. But I'd always feel like the Liz Lemon to her Jenna Maroney.

And I shouldn't, because I'm a valuable person who just doesn't feel valuable because I don't have my shit together.

Some day, I'm constantly working toward it, but somedays I'm just too lazy to give two shits.

Maybe I'm just perfectly imperfect and that's what I have to be OK with right?

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