I'm exhausted

It's not a good way to reinvigorate a blog post.
I realize this...I really do.
But I don't care…a great many things change (and get started) because someone was exhausted.
So I am looking at this as one of those things.
I mean, what I do/say here isn't going to change the world or cause a revolution, but it may find it's way to someone's computer screen…someone who is just as exhausted as I. And I hope it does and that person realizes that they are not alone.
I am a mother of 2, sometimes I wonder if it's three, cause you know, I'm married. :)
I'm a wife.
I have a fulltime job.
A dirty house consisting of toys and covered in dirty laundry.
I'm also am a women who has given up on so much for the above items and that is what truly exhausts me. If you read or have read any of my former posts…I used to have a life, a real life, full of things I love to do and I still have a full life…but in place of knitting/crafting and hanging out with my friends it has been replaced by poopy diapers and cleaning sticky, gooey fingers.
Don't get me wrong, I love my family.
Let me repeat that, I LOVE MY FAMILY.
But how do you figure out how to be all the things you need to be for everyone else and still be you?
That is my struggle, my drama, my "damage Heather"!
So I will begin today to get this sticky gooey life glued back together...you'd think with all this goo as glue it would be an easy task, but I fear it will not.
So, this blog is a first step.
Second step?
A gym membership. Sounds cliqued, but it will be two fold:
  1. get me time to myself, to think about me…working out is all about you
  2. the result is a healthier self, mentally for thinking about me and physically from working out
Other benefit, me liking my body again. Anyone who has had two babies (in 2 years) you know what I'm talking about.
First goal: hit 10K steps 4-7 days next week. Here's my starting point (last week): By next Friday, I expect to see a change in those steps. :)Image
P.S. It's worth mentioning that I just realized I'm wearing my underwear inside out and I have a hold in the crouch of my pants.
Yeah, a new start is definitely on the life agenda.

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