Best laid plans…

Yesterday, promptly after throwing away the pants with a hole in the crouch, I got dressed to go to the gym, however…
It has been such nice weather here in Indy I chose to go for a walk outside instead. Oh how I miss the Monon Trail...seriously, about 7 years ago I spent almost every evening on the trail I lost 120# the first time.
A story for another time. 
So while walking I made a decision. Maybe no gym yet, instead I will walk—on the trail or around my neighborhood to get my steps in. However, the first week I do not make my goal: I have to go sign-up at the gym. 
Oh, by the way, another plus for the gym...FINANCIAL accountability. And for a penny pincher like me, definitely a minus…I hate to 'waste' money (by not using the membership).

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