In-laws are there own kinda crazy

I say that with the upmost respect.

But in-laws are crazy!

I love my in-laws and if one of them called me to tell me they were going into kidney failer—I'd run out and get tested to see if I'm a match. If I was—when do we go into surgery?

But, I do feel like they are crazy.

And that's probably because I grew up with a whole different kind of crazy. And that just adds to the stress of the holidays, dealing with all the crazy.

I remember on my wedding day that the preacher talked about how Chris and I were going to have to work, because even though we both 'speak English' we both speak our own dialect: Chris speaks, Chris and I speak, Maria.

I believe it's the same with family. We are both STILL learning each other's dialet, but also the dialect of our families.

Not easy!

But, I'm happy too.

I am so blessed that my girls are going to grow up with—and have easy access to—both sets of grandparents and cousins. This is something I never had. My grandparents were 400 miles away. We saw them twice a year on good years. Thanksgiving and summer vacation.

But sometimes I think all this 'easy access' isn't so easy.

It just makes it harder for us to make our own traditions. And I want to have our girls have some traditions that are theirs and they can choose to try and continue or reject.

That's all I have to say for now.

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