As usual...

...I end up working on SO much I don't post.
I really do kinda hate it when that happens...
But here's what I've been doing recently...

My 'new' brand for Etsy and packaging for launching in my shop. I have had the cozy's listed for a while and previously had them in my old shop, but...I've been reinvigorated—don't ask me why...probably some whim. :)

Or jealous of Jenny, her CONSTANT crafting (hehehe) and posts on FB about Play with My Food- her new shop. When I grow up I want to be Jennifer or at least have a tenth of her crafting talent (and time).
Which reminds me of a line in Indian Summer.
Man I gotta do something about my stream of conscientiousness nonsense.

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  1. Constant crafting isn't as fun as it sounds ;) but thank you!