Financial peace

I touched on it yesterday and promised to chat about it it is.

A couple weeks ago, we started Financial Planning University…well I have.
Chris is going to the classes, but I'm not sure he's really into it.
If you don't know what FPU is--it's Dave Ramsey's financial planning class. It's got a great Christian foundation which is part of the reason we have started attending and getting into it. Chris and I both feel like spiritually we have been a little-what's the word-lazy. And that kind of changes once you have kids.

We had a talk about money this weekend and were supposed to start a budget, but Chris just isn't into it.

So I did my own.

And since I'm a designer at heart, I made my own envelopes. :)


Yes, I'm a nerd.
They are easy to use:
1) Print what you want
2) Cut on the grey outline of the envelope
3) use something to score on the outline of the center of the envelope
4) Fold in flaps
5) Use tape (if you're lazy, have a TON of tape and are too impatient to wait for glue to dry--like me)
6) Put in the CASH (I have a couple giftcards in there as well) you have budgeted for that envelope and carry them with you ALL the time.

Obviously there's more to it then that, but…it's a condensed version. :)

You should find a class near you! Look here for one.

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