Dress the way...

Dress the way you want to feel, not the way you feel.

This is my new montara. It's "Fake it till you make it" cousin. It all started because a friend (more of an acquaintance) from work said something like that to me.

We were at a little social event for my department and I commented on how Amanda always have such adorable clothes. She really does! She told me that after her son (her second child) was born she decided that she couldn't just dress the way she felt or she would never lose her baby weight. So regardless of size she just started dressing in stuff she liked.

It took me a couple days--that's just how I roll--but I thought…yep that's so true.

And since it's one of my goals to get back to my pre-baby weight (any my pre pre baby weight) I figured it couldn't hurt. So today was day one. Got up…put on some of my old* clothes (and a belly band).

I do feel better and I will feel better once I get some clothes that fit.

But unfortunately, since it's Oct 1 I also started my Financial Peace University budgeting (that's another post-maybe tomorrow), I can't just go out and buy. But any 'extra' money this month is going into my clothing budget line for a little later.

I'm a 12-14 now :(

I know, it's not bad, over 1/2 the women in America are a size 12.

But several years ago I went from a size 22-24 to an 6-10 depending (6 on skirts, 8-10 on everything else) and the number is still a hurtle for me. But I lost the weight before (I had more time to exercise before) so I know I can do it again.

I have every confidence that I can do it!
(Fake it till you make it.)

But the reality is: I'm not a huge shopper, I'm not the size I want to be and I need to be frugal. This whole shopping thing is going to SUCK!

          Dress the way I want to feel,
               Not the way I feel!

*Old clothes= pre-baby #2 clothes


  1. Don't worry, I'm on the same boat! I have the same extra protection in the tummy, i guess it was made to STAY there, bbbrrrrrrr, maybe there is a possibility of our kids come running and can't stop, only against our belly extra tummy, we are super women's, we protect our body and the kids around. Imagine we were flat, the kid would get hurt just to bump against us! Shame.... joking aside I'm with you, good for you, I'm not that brave.

  2. So glad to hear that I am not the only one! Love the suggestion that the kiddos might get hurt without the soft-pillowy-belly!