The players in mWorld

I decided I should introduce you to the people in my life—at least the ones I see/talk about most. :)

This is me and DH (Chris). It was taken a couple months ago when we were in Florida for a wedding. I was about 6-7 months pregnant. About my DH…he is the most patient, loving man I have ever met (he's kinda handsome too, don't you think :)). He puts up with a lot of crap from his creative and sometimes temprmental wife-seriously…I can be a major b*&@h sometimes. He either knows how to deal with it, ignores it, loves me enough to wait out the storm (that never lasts more then 10 minutes–I hope). He loves cars and is really just as creative as I am (maybe even more so). It's nice to get to talk to him about creative stuff. Even though sometimes I think he talks about things he wants to do and doesn't follow though with it and I wish he would. To his credit…his ideas are not always possible to do immediately.

This is O…she is getting ready to turn 2. We absolutely love her. We think she is incredibly smart-possibly a genius (yes, I know all parents think this). She is talking up a storm and loves to watch Up, Finding Nemo and Cars…all of which DH and I are exhausted of watching. But everyday she comes home from daycare and says 'I watch—insert other Pixar move title here'
O has been slowly warming up to her little sister, E, wanting to hold her and help feed her. But she has been the center or our world for two years but she is doing really well.

This is E…she is our newest addition, just 2 weeks old but look how bright eyed she is! We are still trying to 'figure' her out. Presently, she likes to eat, sleep, pee and poop. Hopefully more is to come.

Well, those are the major players in mWorld. I hope you enjoyed it. I'm sure you'll here more about everyone I mentioned here plus some additional players.

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