Progress of the week

My goal for the week was to:
I'm on track!

Today was my second day of working out.
E and I went out and met a friend and her about 3 month old son at a walking trail here in Indy. We had a wonderful walk once my friends baby calmed down a bit, that was until E got fussy. Good thing we were close to a stopping point so we finished our walk and then sat in a car feeding hungry babies and chatting.

It was quite nice.

We walked about a mile. I think that I'll do it again tomorrow-just E and I. If not, then I'll do the Wii Fit which is what I did on Monday.

I skipped Tuesday.

Blogging-How do you think I'm doing?
E has been much more alert and awake today. I was hoping that she would sleep a good portion of the day, but no.

That's OK.

She did 'hang out' in her little vibrating chair in the bathroom while I took a shower and that was wonderful. I could see her and I got to take a nice long shower--which I sorely needed (no shower yesterday).
Well, that's about all for me today...more tomorrow or Friday. :)

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