Oh...I didn't make it.

My week got away from me…I have no idea how it happened but somehow it did.

I didn't make my workout or blogging goal.

I guess I will start again. I'll have to make my 'list for the week' tonight and hope I'm better at sticking to it.

I did however go to a MOPS meeting on Friday. It was really nice and it makes me want to stay home with my kiddo's. It just makes me think that MAYBE I could do it. Be a stay at home mom. I fear it. I really do.

I know millions of women do it—I worry that I don't have the patience or wear-with-all to be good at. And I'd just want to hang on the couch, watch TV, blog (read blogs) and generally do whatever I want. I'd have to be so structured that I had something planned to do (with someone else) everyday to keep me going and accountable…not to mention have adult interaction. Make sense?

I'm basically going to go back to work just to pay for daycare for two kids and although I think it will be good for them—O has done SO well with daycare and loves it. I just don't know that she would be the same child if I was home with her all the time.

Well, I have about another 4 weeks before I go back to work and we'll see how it goes.

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