What's not fabulous about friday's?
But today, what's fab?
I blogged again. That's fab.
I read my RSS feed and sent out X emails/posted here. I even posted to Google +.
Does anyone even really use Google +?
Maybe the same people who blog use it.
Anywho…here's some stuff I think is fab:
Popbottle curtains-oh so cute, I wish I could quilt!
Roasted Chicken-although I could purchase from Costco for $5 and not have to do any of this prep/cooking stuff. But this prompted me to add a new (cause mine has disappeared) cast-iron skillet on my wishlist.
Next time I'm visiting my uncle in Toronto: I'm headed here!
(easy) Christmas idea!
Lunch this weekend?

Frankly, reading all these things on gReader (plus ton's more I didn't add here) makes me wish I could just make a living CRAFTING (and cooking)!


  1. Here in South Africa call it Free Day :)

    Living of crafting and cooking would be wonderful, just send me the recipe when you're done ;)
    Have a nice weekend

  2. Yeah for Blogging again! I am going to start again, TODAY!

  3. Thanks ladies for commenting! One of the things I truly miss you guys. :)