Starting again

I used to be ab AVID blogger.
I love to write and share what I was doing, even if only two people were reading...
Then, life happened.
I got serious about a boy.
I got even more serious and got engaged, got married, sold my house, moved to a completely different side of town, a year later had a baby and I'm STILL reeling.
But I miss this, I miss the creative process.
I miss writing and thinking about it.
I know I've said it before and I guess I'll say it again…I want to be here again. I want to be involved in a creative community (cause I'm not even in it at work anymore).
Last night I spent the evening knitting and sipping wine with a group I sporadically have the time to be involved with. But I realize (after taking two mental health days from work) that I need that creative time. I think it's what's missing in my life and what's—frankly—making me VERY bitchy!
So this is a promise I'm making to myself, anyone who happens to be reading (pretty much NO ONE) and God:
• I will spend (at least) 30 minutes a day reading my RSS feeds (all creative and seemingly getting fewer and fewer as I get into them and realize that no one else is blogging anymore)
• share at least 3 of those items, via either this blog or by emailing to friends I think might find it interesting
• (at least) 30 minutes doing something creative of my own: knitting, writing, designing or crafting of some sort

And I think I can do all of this at work…cause I really only have about 10 minutes of actual work to do! hehehe ;)

So we begin again.
I do semi have a plan and I will reveal it as I flush it out.