I finished my first book for the year last night: Summer on Blossom Street.
It was pretty good. I've grown accustom to to her writing style after reading the rest of the series, but I do have to say the amount of fluff-repeatative stuff was driving me nuts.
In all honesty, I started the book before the new year so I don't know if it counts with my 2010 to do list, but I'm going to count it. I'm also going to finish another book I started last year (that sounds so weird to day). It's called Dear Rosie-it's OK I liked P.S. I Love You better. But I'm going to finish it anyway.
Not to much else is going on. Just back to work today and not very happy about it.

I am also starting FLY plan tonight, I will have to do it in the evenings when I get home form work. But it's usually not that much they are talking about doing, so I should be OK. Although I do worry that when I get home from work, I will be exhausted, because I actually had to use my brain today instead of mindless reading, watching TV and napping. :)

Oh how I long for last week.

Lastly and most importantly, if you're reading this but never comment (that's OK-although I don't know who you are) or don't also read Jennifer's blog, could you please pray for her and her family? I know she would appreciate it. Her DH is battling cancer and they have hit some bumps in the road.

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