Another day

Wow, today I am still not feeling really great, I keep getting tired really easily.

I did go to the doctor last week. I had some blood tests and a chest x-ray. She'd really like me to get an MRI to see what the one-sided lethargy is about, but I'm holding off on that. Yesterday she got the results of my blood work and I have a really low B-12. REALLY low: it should be between 211 and 900, they prefer you're around 500. Mine is 179. So I have started on B-12 suppliments. According to this most of my symptoms can be explained by the B-12 stuff.

So, we'll retest in a couple weeks, if the B-12 doesn't go up, then I will have to go get shots daily for a week and then once a week for a month after that, then monthly after that. And I will probably be on B-12 for the rest of my life. It's interesting, because really the last time I was feeling 'normal' was back when I was doing a lot of low carb diet stuff. And protein (animal protein) has lots of B-12. So maybe this is an explainer for everything lately. at least, I hope. I kinda wish the Dr. office was closer, cause I'd do the shots now, in hopes of feeling a lot better instantly. Maybe I should?

In other news, I got the Wii Active workout. I plan on starting tomorrow. I hope I'm up to it, but I'm going to do it, even if it's only for 10 mins. I need to start somewhere! And I am ready to get my ass back into shape.

I also started making my dress. I purchased the pattern like a month ago. But...I really need to find some good instructions (preferably video) on sewing with patterns. Do I cut out those little notches? How do I use interfacing?

OK, I am sucked into Bridezilla. I can't stop watching, these girls are totally CRAZY! Chris and I were talking about how happy we are that I haven't turned into one...yet. :) No I will never be one of those girls.

I have been working on the shawl for the wedding. I will try and do a photo of that tomorrow.

Right now, I'm going to watch more trash TV and paint my nails, I mean...I might was well get started on being half the pampered bridezilla of those girls! :) hahahhha Maybe I'll also give myself a little facial!

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