Lost and knitting

I am watching Lost and writing this post. Please note: If you haven't watched this weeks episode beware, cause I comment on stuff as I'm writing.

I guess I'm not actually knitting.

But during the recap episode, I tried to make sure this was correct and I wanted to publish it! And by the way, Jennifer...those Lost recaps you send me on Facebook RULE! Thanks! Here's last weeks if anyone is interested.

My first pattern all (kinda) written out. I'm so proud of myself, but, I'm still a little nervous about publishing it. So, if you decide to make the mittens and you find a mistake (I'm sure there are some). Please let me know!
Here's a photo:

Here's the pattern.
This is new for me, so I hope publishing this way works. I love Google so I am being supportive of their products.
In other news, I will also sometimes soon write and publish the pattern for the hat that's in the photo.

I'm also knitting Barbie clothes for my future neice's birthday later this month. Yes, I said future neice...not because my sister is pregnant or anything, but because I got engaged last week!
Oh gross! Arm ripped off on Lost!
OK back to what I was saying...Chris and I go engaged. :)
I'm very excited for the next stage of life and sharing it with him. Although pretty nervous too. But I think that's normal, it just means something important is happening.
Here's a pic of us a couple of months ago.

OK, that's about all I know for right now. I hope to write more later.

PS: I AM LOVING LOST!!!!!!!!!!! Danielle killed all her castaway mates...did we know that before? And Charlette speaks Korean?

This place is death and then the power went out and the U-verse (and isn't taping Lost now) hasn't come back on yet...If I don't get the last half hour of Lost.......

Thank goodness Lost is on ABC-regular TV no fancy cable required-and it's coming in relatively well.

And my internet is dead because of the power issue! So I'm just typing cause I have nothing else to do.

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