Colts game!

I am so excited that the first official Colts game begins in like 2 hours!

I have my knitting, I've eaten dinner and have some dessert (Trader Joe's Soy Chocolate Ice Cream) for later and some knitting a Bricklayers stitch dishtowel. If you follow that link (if you're a knitter, I would suggest you do) that book is one of my favorites, I checked it out from the library and I kinda don't want to give it back, but maybe I will, now that I know it's online! I seriously LOVE GOOGLE!

I did read in the Indianapolis Star this morning about the new NFL rules and how Peyton (i heart Peyton) is playing for the first time this year (which I already knew) but he isn't going to have Jeff Saturday there because Saturday is hurt so he will have some rookie! Which I'm sure will be fine, but man...I want them to beat da Bears tonight.


  1. Hey Maria! I'm sending the Dish Rag Tag box to you today...are you ready? Come on over to the DRT forum and say hey.

  2. Well that officially sucks.

    We were pretty mediocre, eh? I think it's because I forgot to wear my Colts shirt to work on Friday... Never again!!!