My Package

I didn't realize that I didn't put up the post about my Dishcloth swap package!

I want to Thank Carol! She sent me an AWESOME package. I couldn't ask for anything more. She put together so may great things for me.

Here is a pick I took as soon as I got the package.

Oscar likes packages as well.
Check out the pic from last time.

I had to make myself wait to open the box, cause Chris was coming over and I wanted to be able to share the excitement of opening the package with him and I wanted him to take a pic of me and the package. This was not fun for him, cause being a car guy...he could have cared less. But he did what he could—which was take the photo. :)

But that's OK. He was excited for me that I got the package, but he got less excited when he found out what it was about. :)

And I want to thank Diane, my spoilee for pointing out...well asking the question....did I get my package. Which is why I know that I forgot to post.

And let me tell you about Diane...she's awesome and has a great attitude. I sent her package the Sunday (Yes, I knew it wouldn't go out till Monday) before she was supposed to get it. Well, she got it last week! It took like 17 days. I felt horrible that I kept asking her if she got it.

Such a great women! I am very luck to have met everyone I have through the couple of swaps I've done. Yeah!