Clean Clean weekend

Ok, Let me start by saying, I still have not seen the Sex and the City movie. As I told you before, little sister and I were going to see it about 2 Saturdays ago. However, we got there, got our tickets started watching to previews (which is one of my favorite parts of the movie experience) and then...the electricity went out. Little sister and I sat there for a while with some other patrons waiting to see if the electricity would come back on, it didn't. They gave us vouchers to come back anytime.

So, not movie for us. However, I saw the trailer for Mama Mia and I really want to see it! You can watch the trailer here.

I'm going to spend the next couple of days cleaning. I'm starting with the closet in my spare bedroom.

It's not too bad really, just fixing some things up and straightening. Some of these things can go in other rooms and place, so it's really more organizing as opposed to cleaning.

Which is good, because my other project is my office. Which is a disaster! I mean a real mess. It ends up being my catch all room, I just shove stuff in there. I have spent time cleaning it before, you can check it out at my old blog.
But, here is how it looks.

It could take me all weekend to get this done.
But I have an incentive. I promised myself I could get a new computer after the room is clean and ONLY when the room is clean. Oh but you see two computers in the picture above, well honestly, there are three, but none of them work. :)