First May Weekend

I spent most of the day Saturday cleaning up around the house. Not completely clean, and not where I need it to be by Tuesday.
I'm having a realtor coming to look at my house and tell me what things I need to do to have the house ready to sell in about 6 months. Yes, I am concidering selling my house in order to marry Chris. No he has not officially asked, but we have talked a lot about it and have talked about the fact that my house is in the best shape to sell...still needs some work, but leaps and bounds better then his.
But in the process of cleaning, I came across about three knitting projects that have been started, but not finished. And not to mention all the additional yarn I came across. UGG! That's it. I can not buy yarn! At least not for a while. So, I'm working on the Dr. Bag-I started back in NOVEMBER! At least that's when I think I started's the posting from December where I mentioned it. I can't believe this. But I am committed to finishing it.

I even did some updating of my ravelry page too.

And I don't know if anyone remembers this fiasco... Well after that I lost the original dragonfly knee high sock. But I recently found it. So I will be working on completing that project too.

Last but not least. This coming week is the end of my semester of teaching :) YEAH!!!!!!!!!
I am so ready to have my life back and to start working out again, which I really need to get back into. Starting ASAP!

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