Socks: Check!

I completed my first pair of Monkey socks! I just LOVE, LoVe, love this pattern. I will definately do it again, but next time probably in a solid color. I think the yarn variations take away from the pattern. Cookie did a great job!
Check out the socks and Oscar!

I love the pattern so much, I'm starting another Cookie pattern: Baudelaire.

And it is killing two birds with one stone, I love socks, I especially love tall socks. Well the problem with starting at the leg is you don't want to get too carried away and not have enough yarn for the rest of the sock. There fore I wanted to learn how to do toe-up socks.
These are!

I'm still on the foot, but almost complete, and ready for the gusset.
I recently heard something on the KnitPicks Podcast, they were talking about socks and how they are the perfect knitting project for someone with ADD. Once you get tired of doing, say the leg you are just about ready to start the heel and once your tired of the heel you're onto the gusset. It really is quite brilliant!

Plus, this pattern calls for cables, which I just really like and don't seem to do enough of.

Other then that, not too much going on. Just chillin'. Class started again this week (last week was Spring Break) so stress is kinda high. But the knitting is a pick me up along with the fact that I rejoined the YMCA and I'm working out. Now if the weather would just get pretty, I'd be pretty darn happy.

Oh, and I just watched Enchanted tonight. Adorable! I think I might purchase it when the price goes down. It was really a perfect role for Amy Adams, however I just kept seeing her character from Drop Dead Gorgeous every time she talked. And I kept thinking, that I'm really jealous of Idina Menzel, cause she is married to Taye Diggs and I think he is Drop Dead Gorgeous! :)

OK, that's all the pop culture and knitting you need for a while right? I'll shut up now, but till next time, keep knitting! I love to read about what everyone is doing, even if I don't always comment, I'm still reading.

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